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Didier Chabi

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Filmmaker Didier Chabi

Chabi (Born June 9, 1973) is a European African actor, producer, writer and director. As an actor he is known for his work on the Emmy Award winning TV Comedy series, "All Stars" shot in Holland in 1999 and 2000 directed by Jean Van de Velde. Chabi played the role of Azzizouk bringing widespread popularity to the show. His original one man show, "Guest Room" toured throughout Europe in 1999. Chabi used his skills in the martial arts of taekwondo, shotokan and experience as a stunt man in Berlin to found and operate a stunt school, Stuntmatic, in Utrecht, Netherlands which was funded by the European Union. The school was open for four years carrying out it's mission to give vocational training and opportunity to "at risk" youth in the Netherlands. In 2010 Chabi opened the East Side Comedy club in Berlin out of which developed a world comedy tour sponsored by Sennheiser produced and hosted by Chabi with comedians such as American stand-up comic, Jeff Ross, British comic, David Baker and East Indian British comic, Dharmander Singh, Dubai based comic Ali Al Sayed, and Toronto based Dan Derkson. Standup Expat World Tour 2011 World Food Program. Chabi founded Europe TV, providing myriad human interest news stories covering the lives of African and other immigrants, providing a platform for dialogue and understanding. His interviews included world-class musicians Mory Kante, Tiken Jah Fakoly, Bassekouyate, Angelique Kidjo and Bushman. Chabi was then hired by online media outlet, a subsidiary of Media 4 Us, as a documentary and journalistic reporter, interviewing and highlighting immigrants within the European Union, documenting their challenges, successes and integration within their new culture. As director and producer Chabi has made several documentaries. "Born in Ganvie" in 1997. The documentary explores the naming ceremony in the African Village of Ganvie. The documentary is in Toffi, the native tongue of Ganvie, a 300 year-old village in Benin, with English subtitles. As a University guest lecturer Chabi has spoken at Humanistic University at Augustburg and several Universities in the EU, his subject matter is drawn from his documentary films. Chabi directed and produced Mutoto, a short film. In association with Cliff Production, Chabi wrote, directed and produced, his first feature, "Lost in Hustle" shot by Chabi entirely in Suriname, South America in 2011 and 2012. "Lost in Hustle" will still hasn't be released in the Netherlands. Suriname official release date was in 2012. Directing commercials for the European and African market, Chabi also directed and produced music videos in Holland; one of which, with European Hip Hop Artist Metz, became the most watched product on Netherlands pay per-view prompting a purchase of the video by Sony BMG. In 1996 Chabi founded two schools in Africa in the villages of Panvie and Koudougou. Chabi taught at the schools for their first academic year, then the ICEO took on the responsibility of running the schools which still function today. Chabi is the lead in the new Emirates Airline commercial of 2014.

- IMDb Mini Biography By: Clap prod/ Stefanie Hamann en Alec G.NL

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Speaks 12 languages including French, English, German, Dutch, Yoruba, Adja, and Fongbe.

Berlin, Germany [May 2010]

Los Angeles [April 2012]

Filmmaker Didier Chabi is currently forming a team of International filmmakers (Crew & Cast members).
We are Montfoort Film Studios B.V. With above twenty seven years of versatile experiences in the movie and Television business, we are certain when we say we know the ABC of the industry. Founder and Independent Filmmaker Didier Chabi has spent the last decade working in Los Angeles California. After numerous of succesful projects including the social empowerment movie project Lost in Hustle (Suriname) and the Drama miniseries African President in USA (Hollywood), First Class Emirates (Dubai), Mister Chabi decides that it's the time to return to Europe and create Montfoort Film Studios B.V. Since January 2018, the new film ventures of Didier Chabi are launched in the Dutch City of Montfoort west Utrecht. The company has projected ambitious projects among which the famous mini drama filmseries "Montfoort Mon Amour" and the feature film Thriller town respectively in pre and post-production.

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