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Didier Chabi

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Filmmaker Didier Chabi

Filmmaker Didier Chabi is currently forming a team of International filmmakers (Crew & Cast members).
We are Montfoort Film Studios B.V. With above twenty seven years of versatile experiences in the movie and Television business, we are certain when we say we know the ABC of the industry. Founder and Independent Filmmaker Didier Chabi has spent the last decade working from his company Chabi Pictures LLC in Los Angeles California. After numerous of succesful projects including the social empowerment movie project Lost in Hustle (Suriname) and the Drama miniseries African President in USA (Hollywood), First Class Emirates (Dubai), Mister Chabi decides that it's the time to return to Europe and create Montfoort Film Studios B.V. Since January 2018, the new film ventures of Didier Chabi are launched in the Dutch City of Montfoort west Utrecht. The company has projected ambitious projects among which the famous mini drama filmseries "Montfoort Mon Amour" currently in pre-production.

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