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Our Past and our present.

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Filmmaker and Producer  Didier Chabi

Montfoort Film Studios B.V. is a company which is born from mother company Chabi Pictures LLC based on Burton Way 9010 in Beverly Hills California. Owner and producer Didier Chabi has been working as filmmaker writer and overseeing all facets of the company from the very beginning. History have it that the idea starts way back in West Africa where Mr Chabi learned the craft of filmmaking with French / Burkinabe Director Dani Kouyate. Chabi Pictures LLC has since performed very well doing both commercial lucrative projects but also investing back into communities worldwide. This is explained in projects as the 2014 commercial First Class shower campaign for the Emirates Airlines and the empowering project to help 'At risk Kids' from the streets of Paramaribo (South America) to get back to the right circuit through film activities. Mr Chabi has worked for months training 'At risk kids' from Paramaribo, from Moengo and from other remote places in the interior of Surinam. At the end of the workshops, the kids gained knowledge in the field of cinema. They've learned acting works and crewmen works resulting making movies that tell their own stories. Since then the impact of Youth in Action Film Project initiated by Mr Chabi has brought positive changes into the sociocultural life of the Surinamese. 

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Movies that matter are being produced in numbers by and with youths whose past forms positive lessons to their younger generations. Similar projects has been conducted by Mr Chabi in the past as he was the first ever to initiate the Stuntmatic European Union funded project. Stuntmatic was para-scholar project designed to return college drop-off to the school circuit. The project was running for four years in The Netherlands, France, Italia, Prague and Germany. Stuntman Armin Sauer of Studio Babelsberg Berlin Potsdam Germany and his stunt team provided intensive film stunt workshops for kids who learned many notions of complementarity and camaraderie via stuntmen-works' perspective. Since January 2018, Mr Chabi relocate to Montfoort where he's investing into Montfoort Film Studios B.V. The company has just conclude a promo film project for a local company called FINN adviseurs B.V. Further Montfoort Film Studios B.V. is empowered by other European facilities studios to keep getting work done at professional levels. The recent production of FINN promo was entirely facilitated by the German rental studios DRS (Delight Rental Services) in Berlin. Further collaboration are envisioned with Camera Rentals Amsterdam who has also partly helped the shooting of FINN promo. Montfoort Film Studios are currently filming Way Out and Montfoort Mon Amour within Benelux. 

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