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Montfoort Mon Amour

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Montfoort Film Studios is currently in the pre-production of Montfoort Mon Amour. The film project is a drama Online mini-film series mainly based on real cultural heritage events (past and present) of the inhabitants of the once known as Mons-Fortis (1170): a small municipality and a city in the Netherlands that got a right to city in the year 1329. Love in the sense of versatility plays the leading part in this author's work by filmmaker Didier Chabi. The episodical film story describes the daily struggle of the growing-up young man Erwin (26) an aspiring writer who is in love with Kim. Beside, Erwin a fifth generation born Montforter is battling an unpleasant situation within his family-run business. Everything in the life of Erwin even eventualities are made to keep him in Montfoort while Kim seems to be born with a travel-bag. Progressively, the events of life will form a labyrinth by which Erwin will learn to live by. Ultimately Erwins' love for Kim get to the pick.

Passion and romanticism meet history as the personage of Erwin irresistibly relied on a local historian in order to find a famous hidden Love restoration code that's lost in the past story of Montfoort button makers.  While Erwin and Kim battle to survive many modern questions which solutions are hidden in the past, audience of Montfoort Mon Amour is offered the opportunity of identification and cultural empowerment. In this unique filmic genre of fiction meeting reality, Filmmaker Didier Chabi and CVN's Visual Effect artist and Line Producer Valerie Banybah are inspired by the true love stories of inhabitants of Montfoort and by a living local historian who knows all about the foundation of Mons-Fortis. 

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