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- FINN Promo Film (Released)

- Montfoort Mon Amour (In pre-production)

- MFS Culture (In Pre-production)

- Stuntmatic European projects (Archived)

- African President in USA (In production)



20-04-2018, 12:08


20-04-2018, 12:07

New Deals / NDAs

Montfoort Film Studios and partners are excited to announce upcoming production deals. Since January this year 2018, our executives have been putting work together to pre produce one of the first projects...   Meer

19-04-2018, 17:21

Finn Promo Film successfully concluded 5 days shooting in Montfoort and Linschoten

Local talents (Cast & Crew) have just wrapped up a shooting of the promo vid for Finn Adviseurs B.V. Stay tuned for interview with producer Didier Chabi   Meer

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What to do with young people who do not have any meat for the school banks and who do not have any papers for the labor market? is more coercion, such as government and politics, the right way? perhaps. but of course you can also try to connect as closely as possible to the experiences of these youngsters. in this report about a few innovative projects in maastricht, utrecht and rotterdam, that happens. striking agreement between those three: wheels! A project by Filmmaker Didier Chabi subsidized by the European Union Equal Funds 2004. Ref:0088EQ (Read more)


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